Chert, Jasper & Chrysocolla

Chert, Jasper & Chrysocolla


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This is an original signed watercolor painting on Arches cotton. It is painted using mineral pigments.

Artwork Dimensions: 8.5Hx8.5W”

An unlikely trio. The larger rock is composed of red chert, aka Jasper. It has a slight lacing of white quartz. This was found on the coast and most likely comes from a deep ocean bed. The blue/green rock is a copper ore with streaks of chrysocolla, which forms from the oxidation of copper deposits. It can be confused with turquoise if not for the visible crystalline structure and derivative nature to the copper that surrounds it. Lastly, a cubic piece of siltstone covered in romanechite dendrites. I've had this little rock for decades. Dendrites are not fossils, rather they're crystals occurring from manganese oxide, that grow in fractal patterns. This one has a beautiful pattern on it's prominent side.

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