Beach Sandstone

Beach Sandstone


An original watercolor painted on heavyweight 300lbs cold-press Arches cotton paper. I’ve signed and dated the painting on the back of the piece.

A find along the coast north of Santa Barbara. This is a sight-size still life of the specimen (roughly 4.5x4.5"). There are traces of other smaller worm shells within. The rock is a cold bluish grey on the outside, textured; with smooth yellowed hues on the inside. A densely populated piddock area created a natural arch in the rock. This specimen must have been home to a nice population of piddock of varying maturity. As the rock came loose and was tossed by the waves and washed ashore, the brittle piddock shells were flushed out, leaving only their smooth round burrows. 

Please allow 3 to 5 business days for me to fulfill the order.

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